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Teater Lantai T.Pinkie telah bermula malam tadi. Panggung penuh. Macam-macam perangai penonton. Bila Nasha Aziz muncul je, kedengaran deruan tepukan sedangkan Nasha belum buat apa-apa; hanya hayun punggung je! Betul lah kot sebahagian besarnya mahu melihat Nasha bergoyang.
Tetapi... ada penonton yang meluat sangat tengok perangai si Gunjoloh, suami `paksaan' Pinkie. Nampaknya lakonan Azhan Abd. Ghani yang juga Penolong Pengarah dalam teater ini menyerlah dan diterima penonton. Dia benar-benar menimbulkan rasa meluat di hati penonton terutamanya wanita.
Nak tahu siapa yang lebih menyerlah, marilah ke Panggung Sari. Tiket masih ada!


  • At Saturday, April 29, 2006 1:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've attended last night show, yes...the starting was superb especially when the time Nasha and the rest of the ladies came out to model their clothing and showing their luscious body. Unfortunately the whole musical thing is not up to my standard. This is not the first time I watched a musical theater, even though I didn't aspect an international standard but I don't think I can compromise with that.

    Congratulation to all the cast and for me the best cast is AZIZAH MAHZAN. Very energetic, very charismatic and full of action. I believed the whole performance can be better and I would like to give some of my own point of view. Please remember this is a constructive comment and not a personal comment to anyone of you.

    The whole story is too long, Nasha is the main character but from the start until the middle of the show, I thought the story is about Nyai Sunarti Renko. She captured my attention very well. I don't think the plot of JONGKIDIN JAROI should be told. Well, eventhough in the novel did mention about him, do make it short. My group of friends were trying their best to understand the whole story and having Soo Ai Ling speaking in Bahasa is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. She didn't speak well and it is not clear at all. Please do something about it.

    One more thing, why does the whole musical part changed to minus one?. Isn't it suppose to be singing live? I know it is hard to train anybody to sing well but I would appreciate more if I see them singing live. Believe me, all of us will appreciate more. Congrates to Fazura, you sing well and you blend in the show very smoothly.

    Lastly, I would like to emphasis here that all cast should be more aggressive even though you are acting as a lady like. Story should not be monotonous the whole time. I have to wait nearly 2 hours just to see some action and by the time it showed, all of us are to tired to understand it. PLEASE do shorten up the plot, do sing it live, do take out unnecessary plot and do excite the audience until the end.

    I hope you will understand why I said all these because I want Malaysian to perform their best show and believe me, with a little bit of effort...we will beat the international market. Thank you.

  • At Sunday, April 30, 2006 6:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yes..the show doesnt put nasha as a main character...azizah mahzan was the main character instead..n when the show is over nasha didnt get the big applause like azizah mahzan got.
    im not goin to blame nasha on this bcuz this is her first time acted in theater..n people should give her support not put her down..
    the singing is not minus one...i think bcuz nasha didnt sing ...n they r using aumone voice for nasha...
    over all...eventhough i dont like theater i think this will be the first n last theater that nasha will be act in...i love is not her mistake...


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